A Brief Time Line

-15Swords of Fate forged
0Exodus from Enshalla complete
15 Isle of the Winds disappears
15 Prince Jorgan (hier to the Enshallen throne) disappears
17 The new Enshallen empire in Iskitaan falls apart
487 The Enclave's school of prophecy self destructs
856 Tiplar Redleaf born
893 Wolftane Wooddeck born
912 Terone Wooddeck born
934 First Dark Emporer comes into power in Claren
937 Tylia Finer born
954 First Dark Emporer, Amadis, defeated
956 Wolftane Wooddeck and Tylia Finer wed
962 Wooddeck twins born
969 Atar the Lion crowned King of Taran
979 Wolftane Wooddeck died
981 Terone Wooddeck died
987 Courtney Blackmyn born
1003Septem 10Melina born
1003Julae 9Andrell Morgonson born
1007 Tylia Finer Wooddeck died
1017Novem 28Andrell Morgonson's coronation as the High King of Iskitaan
1017Gorin 13Cerelia steals Genevieve's unborn child
1017Octyn 27Payton Soards born
1017 Aleana Gem born
1017 Atar the Lion killed by the Raven
1017 Isle of the Winds re-appears
1017 Seige of Taran
1022Septem 2Gareth Andrellson born
1022 Brent & Heather Gem born
1024 Maddas defeated and killed
1025 Corvus twins born
1025 Gem triplets born
1025 Year of twins
1027 Reunification Wars begin
1087 Andrell Morgonson died
1102 Cerelia's Ascension
1107 Lurin War of Succession begins
1109 Treaty of Aradhai signed
1111 The Cagan-Debara War
1112 Lurin War of Succession ends
1114 The Orb of Galendorf is found in Alibris
1115 Payton Soards dies
1119 Bridgetelle is leveled by an earthquake
1132 The Wainbridge Incident
1137 King Dutton of Fisela is assassinated
1139 The Dafkay Dispute
1143 The Huddersfield Mine Collapse
1146 The Huxton Assassanition Affair in Lipinal
1148 The Corridge Avalanche in Osten
1150 Forest fires burn over 50% of Ladearn
1164 The Gr'kark Incursion of Peloi
1173 The Dryden Rebellion in Corinth
1179 The Allmin Coup of Yarindal
1180 The Galivan Takeover of Yarindal occurs
1198 Ellie Pavask dies
1201 An earthquake levels the ruins of Claren in Amador
1205 Cerelia destroys the Cerelian temple in Divecchio
1206 A tidal wave wipes away the remains of Claren in Amador
1209 The tentative resettlement of Amador begins
1211 Gold discovered near Buckkeep, sparking the settlement of Danateos
1215 The Glakarn Incursion of Troition
1216 The Elwood Rebellion in Lanier
1223 The House Legget Massacre in Ericho
1227 The Cerelian Banishment in Yarindal
1230 The Muoris Famine
1233 The Gordon Persecution in Taran
1235 The Fixter-Lear Duel
1237 The Cerelian Temple in Divecchio rises from the rubble
1239 A tidal wave smashes the coast of Debara
1242 The Tulliver Rebellion
1245 The First Fixter-Lear War
1251 The Winifred Cleansing of Orcs along the border of Shadin
1254 The Vampire War
1260 Hannibal the Brute seizes power in Sarbusia
1266 The Thirlocken Massacre in Reynal
1269 The Dexterians assassinate Duke Jonson of Lavaleel
1274 Flash flooding destroys numerous settlements in the Gatelands
1278 Flooding in Osten leads to famine
1281 Aaron Cantrell dies
1287 The Giles Impeachment in Zanillo
1292 The Vadush Incursion of Dalend
1296 The Leventhorp Rebellion of Nyworn
1300 The Krirug Incursion of Ericho
1301 The Ice Plague strikes Icevale
1316 The Kaark Incursion of Troition
1319 Crop disease in Weinland triggers widespread famine
1325 The Lizard War
1334 The Second Fixter Lear War
1348 Karak launches raids into Reynal to capture Kesin Vallagg
1355 Forest fires devestate Gavilan
1361 Dabi Drake is assassinated by her sisters
1365 The Sword of Gavilan disappears
1369 The Appleby-Thorn Rebellion in Muoris
1371 Karak launches raids into Ashlan to kill Kesin Vallagg
1377 Hyegorn founded by a group of ex-Cerelians
1390 The Azure War begins
1393 The Azure War ends
1399 The Dwarven King Gelyon of Smokeview dies.
1400 Chaos scouts found in the passes beyond Mt Thunder
1401 Construction of the Chaos Walls ends
1405 Dwarf Wars begin
1412 A forest fire devestates large portions of Nyworn
1417 Construction of the Chaos Walls is completed
1421 The pirate Max Bloodsword is killed off the coast of Amador
1425 The Third Fixter Lear War
1432 Dwarf Wars end with the splitting into two kingdoms
1437 The Sentjon Affair in Mullentania
1449 Jasmine disappears
1457 Gabrielle Gem born
1464 The Grudish Incursion of Danateos
1486 The False Prophets War in Peloi
1494 Oxmoor, Sapasia is destroyed by floods
1500 The Sword of Gavilan is found in Kanepa
1510 Darsilv pirates begin raiding the coast of Divecchio
1522 The Treaty of Aradhai expires
1527 The Vrog Incursion of Shadin
1535 Narine Celeblar, First of the Cersilv High Triad, dies.
1535 Silv Wars begin with an attack on Fallhallow
1540 The Kilworth Massacre in Kraul by Cersilv Raiders
1567 Nushalla and the Isle of the Winds destroyed
1569 Roscorin made the temporary capital
1570 University of Magic charter changed to decentralize the university
1574 Construction of the City of Andrellsport begins
1579 Silv Wars end
1580 Andrellsport officially becomes capital
1583 The Tapito Floods
1585 Earthquake rocks Alearva
1592 The Karak Reynal War
1605 The Fourth Fixter-Lear War
1614 The Marcari Revolution begins
1617 The Marcari Revolution ends
1618 Earthquake rocks Eastin
1623 The Taran Guild War
1629 The Corinth Revolution
1637 The Great Plague
1639 The Harg Incursion of Danateos
1640 The Gragor Incursion of Yarindal
1645 DreamWeaver found in Thornland
1647 The Barca Crisis
1657 The Andega Farm Tax Rebellion
1662 Yasar's Rampage of Uvaca
1666 The Fairchild War
1671 The Radbourne Defiance
1675 The Thames River Affair
1677 Earthquake levels Gatewyke, Divecchio
1680 The Alderly Tower in Elliswyn is destroyed by sabotuers
1685 The Adlington Massacre
1685 The Massacre at Malvern Wells
1687 The BuntingfordRebellion
1688 King Rylan of Peltan is removed from power by High King Beren
1694 The Steppingly Rebellion
1700 Karl Imlach dies
1706 Forest fires scorch Padua
1711 A Tidal wave smashes the coast of the Gulf of Lynton
1714 The HundredYearRebellion
1722 Bernard Snead siezes power in Fisela
1722 Dexter Corvus ascends
1725 The Ice Plague breaks out in Alibris
1728 The Final Fixter-Lear War
1731 Major Avalanche in Bauerwan
1736 Peltan ravaged by famine
1742 The Wolfpack Bandits are caught and executed in Perovia
1760 Tidal wave levels the coasts of Etera and Ulder. Sakersport founded afterwards
1764 The Prophet of Callister arises
1766 The Karak Reynal War of 1592 comes to a formal end with the signing of a trade treaty.
1772 The Seige of Sortaos
1776 Flooding in Olin
1781 The Beanfield Rebellion
1785 Ambassador Gordon of Corinth is assassinated in Morgonston
1787 The Eronk Incursion of Fisela
1790 The Silver Strand Mine Collapse in Etera
1801 The Briscone Affair in Taran marks the end of King Radford II's reign and the beginning of the Regency of the Order
1804 The House of Anhaga is destroyed after being discovered plotting against the Arad government
1807 Rosa Drake is assassinated, trade relations with R'raby are suspended.
1812 Earthquake levels Brixworth, Fatern
1813 The Hundred Year Rebellion officially ends with the Red Rock Accord
1816 Regency of the Order in Taran ends
1828 The Dexterian-Cerelian War in Mt Thunder
1832 The Prilock Incursion of Fisela
1837 The Greythern Inquisition
1841 Forest fires devastate northeast Taran
1843 Maxen Bonsor of Corinth is assassinated
1850 Tidal wave smashes coast of Padua, Mierland, Eastin, Fatern, Sapasia, Altian, and Barca
1856 The Enclave siezes control of Kersilla
1863 High King Ronan Norrisson is killed in the Battle of Chuvi while driving The Enclave from Kersilla
1866 An earthquake levels Cagant
1872 General Eiryn Hoban of Zencion attempts to assassinate King Charles Symons
1884 Corin Alabaster of Ericho is killed in the Stanton Gold Mine Collapse
1912 Nushalla and part of the Isle of the Winds arise from beneath the waves of the Vileshall
1913 Dorene Fields, First Shield of Cerelia dies
1914 Garvin Marches, First Sword of Cerelia dies
1915 Einar Braun, The First Knight of the Order of the Dragon's Flame dies
1916 Yvette Tawner, The First Monk of the Order of the Dragon's Flame dies
1919FestivalDarnett Jorgonson, heir to High King Jorgan is born
1919Jan 17High King Jorgan killed at sea with the loss of the HMS High King Wolf
1919Feb 1 The infant Darnett Jorgonson becomes High King, with his auntFrancesca appointed as his regent
1919 current year

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