Current Campaign:
Iskitaan:Blood of Legends Online
Iskitaan's latest iteration. Played online with MapTool Virtual Table Top Software and Ventrilo Voice chat software.

Primary rule book is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 2nd Edition by Fantasy Flight Games.
Secondary rule book is WFRP Career Compendium by Fantasy Flight Games.

Additional resources will be added as necessary.


WFRP Movement rates translated to feet for Maptools
Travel Times
Fate Points - You can spend 100 xp to buy a fate point IF and only if you are currently at 0 FP. Otherwise, FPs will be awarded as a GM bonus. You may only have a maximum number of FP equal to your starting FPs +1.
Horses - I'm using Garry & Susan Stahl's Gaming the Horse article, modified with some WFRP specific rules found here


Rules for Half Elves can be found here
Rules for those with Elven Blood in their ancestory can be found here
Age Chart Comparison for various races

Skills & Talents

Three Skills - Academic Knowledge, Common Knowledge and Speak Language are going to be different from the WFRP base book, obviously because of the background. Details for those changes can be found on the following pages
Academic Knowledge
Common Knowledge
Speak Language


Fumbles - I'm using a derivitive of the Critical Fumble Rules found in the WFRP 1e GameMaster's Pack.


Campaign specific notes for various careers:

Most of the basic and advanced careers in the core book and the Career Compendium are available. The following are known exceptions:
(anything that is tied directly to the Warhammer Setting, IE, Kislevite Kossar)
Estalian Diestro
Kislevite Kossar
Kithband Warrior
Norse Berserker
Agent of the Shroud
Carcasonne Shepard
Grail Knight
Killer of the Dead
Knight of the Blazing Sun
Knight of the Raven
Knight of the Realm
Knight of the Verdant Field
Knight Panther
Questing Knight
Scourge of God
Steppes Nomad
Strigany Mystic
Winged Lancer

There may be others, as I have not reviewed all. Some of the above may be available later, after they've been tweaked for Iskitaan.

I am reviewing the Old World Equipment Guide for inclusion as well.

Past Campaigns

Iskitaan: The Black Company - AD&D
Iskitaan: Companions of Light - WFRP 1st edition
Iskitaan: Disciples of Ascension - D&D 3rd edition
There have been various one off and short adventures as well, the bulk of these used AD&D or WFRP 2nd edition

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