The Prophecies of the Keys

Rumored to have been brought back from the Chaos Lands by a group of adventurers in the late 1400s, the prophecies were being studied at the University of Magic in Nushalla when the Isle of the Winds was destroyed. The prophecies were thought lost, but rumours that they've re-appeared have been around since the late 1600s.

Prophecies known to the PCs are:

1Each Key shall have a Ring to carry itSebastian HylandSebastian
2The Ice Child shall die at the Dragon's GateTalorynTaloryn
3The Poet shall lead their mindsTorenWith Toren
4The Keys must protect the Infant KingJulietJuliet
5The Iron Stave will guard the Infant KingFound in collapsed barnJuliet's Bag
6One Lock is SacrificeFound at bandits hideoutJuliet's Bag
7The Seasons Four are Evil's DoorFound at bandit's hideoutJuliet's Bag
8A Key may only open one Lock, but each Lock may be opened by many KeysFound at bandit's hideoutJuliet's Bag
9The Infant King will be the last of his line should the Seasons prevaildropped by CassiaJuliet's Bag
10The Lunatic Knight, the Poet, the Brute, the Slippery Man, and the Renegade are the five Keys of PassionGiven to the group by BritaJuliet's Bag
11The Tin Soldier, the Reborn Soul, the Ice Child, the Harlequin and the Renegade are the five Keys of ReasonGiven to the group by EmmerichJuliet's Bag
12The Seasons must be defeated, lest darkness fallGiven to the group by EmmerichJuliet's Bag
13One Lock is RedemptionRubbing from Ivory Tower in ThamesNot Possessed
14The Harlequin shall lead the way against Autumn at the Dragon's HeadRubbing from Ivory Tower in ThamesNot Possessed
15One Lock is CharityPouch from Morgan CrewJuliet's Bag
16One Lock is CourageMaid in ThamesDid not take
17Each Key shall have a ChildWith Nicolas Miller's JournalJuliet's Bag
18It begins when the Isle of the Dead arrivesWith Nicolas Miller's JournalJuliet's Bag
19One Lock is PerseveranceWith Nicolas Miller's JournalJuliet's Bag
20The Black Catís Orphans will be the RingsWith Nicolas Miller's JournalJuliet's Bag
21The Prophet's Valley lies north of the Dragon's GateCave near Gleddenwyck BeachJuliet's Bag
22The first of the Links will be found in the City of the WolfCave near Gleddenwyck BeachJuliet's Bag
23The Renegade shall find the RingsPayment by Lucinda's courtSebastian
24There is no safety for the Tin Soldier at the Mountain FortressPayment by Lucinda's courtTaloryn
25The Ice Child will use a Link to open the Isle of the DeadPayment by Lucinda's courtJuliet's Bag
26Autumn grips the Dragon's Head Rauchen's Rauchen
27The Brute shall frighten the Black Cat's Orphans Found on stable boy in Milford, Balutor Juliet's Bag
28The Hidden Emperor will gather the Shadowed SoulsCaves below Goffs OakJuliet's Bag
29The Black Cat's Orphans will be found in the Prophet's ValleyCaves below Goffs OakJuliet's Bag
30Do not seek the Links, allow them to seek youUniversity of CasparyList/Stolen?
31He shall fill the Infernal Chalice with the SeasonsUniversity of CasparyList/Stolen?
32If the Barriers fall, then the last hope of the Keys lies under the City of DragonsUniversity of CasparyList/Stolen?
33In time, the Seasons will shatter the BarriersUniversity of CasparyList/Stolen?
34The Iron Stave can be found at the Black LakeUniversity of CasparyList/Stolen?
35The Prophet's Valley beckons to the HarlequinUniversity of CasparyList/Stolen?
36The Reborn Soul shall save the Ice ChildUniversity of CasparyList/Stolen?
37The Tin Soldier can find safety in the Prophet's ValleyUniversity of Caspary/Taloryn BribedList/Stolen?/Champ
38The Tin Soldier will falter at the Dragon's HeadUniversity of Caspary List/Stolen?
39The Traitor's Den shall be the first to head towards DarknessUniversity of CasparyList/Stolen?
40To save him, the Lunatic Knight must brave the Traitor's DenUniversity of Caspary List/Stolen?
41The Lunatic Knight must plan their strategyBody on Risen NueshallaTaloryn
42The Tin Solider shall lead their steelBody on Risen NueshallaTaloryn
43The Sacred Horn will sound in the year of the Infant KingBody on Risen NueshallaTaloryn
44The Isle of the Dead shall reveal the Lunatic Knight's ChildBody on Risen NueshallaTaloryn
45The Rings cannot pass the BarriersTaloryn Bribed ChampChamp
46The Slippery Man shall bind the RingsTaloryn Bribed ChampChamp
47The Black Cat's Orphans fear the Dragon's HeadTaloryn Bribed ChampChamp
48The Infernal Chalice is weak within the Prophet's ValleyTaloryn Bribed ChampChamp
49The Renegade shall humble the Brute in the Prophet's ValleyTaloryn Bribed ChampChamp
50One Lock is PatienceTaloryn Bribed ChampChamp
51One shall have two faces SeriousSerious
52Slain in the Traitor's Den, the Celestial Woman will find rest in the Black LakeAt Rock in Prophet's ValleySebastian
53Only the Brute can defy the Sacred HornAt Rock in Prophet's ValleySebastian
54The Hidden Emperor hails from the City of CirclesAt Rock in Prophet's ValleySebastian
55The Barriers hold back the HordesAt Rock in Prophet's ValleySebastian
56Only the Harlequin can recover the Iron StaveAt Rock in Prophet's ValleySebastian
57The Tin Soldier shall lead the defense of the City of the WolfAt Rock in Prophet's ValleySebastian
58The Bitter Canyon is Winter's refugeappeared in Juliet's bagJuliet's Bag
59The Black Lake can bind the Seasonsappeared in Juliet's bagJuliet's Bag
60The Infernal Chalice will dwindle with the Black Lake's watersappeared in Juliet's bagJuliet's Bag
61In the Mountain Fortress, the Brute will fallFound in Juliet's Room at Lake MedivJuliet's Bag
62The Tin Soldier Must Betray the Infant KingFound in Sebastian's Room at Lake MedivSebastian
63The Celestial Woman shall be drawn to the Reborn SoulFound in Serious's Room at Lake MedivJuliet's Bag
64The Ice Child must fear the Iron StaveFound in Taloryn's Room at Lake MedivTaloryn
65Only the Lunatic Knight can destroy the Infernal ChaliceFound in Taloryn's room at Lake MedivTaloryn
66The Hidden Emporer seeks the Infernal ChaliceFound in Rauchen's Room at Lake MEdivRauchen
67As each Lock is opened, the Faithful shall be calledFound in Serious's CofferJuliet's Bag
68The City of the Wolf lies east of the Mountain FortressBackport Mining co paymentJuliet's Bag
69The Ice Child seeks no warmthBackport Mining Co PaymentJuliet's Bag
70The Lion's Port will be first to fall to the HordesBackport Mining co PaymentJuliet's Bag
71Only the Slippery Man must enter the Lion's Port before it is unlockedDaveDave
72The Harlequin will guide the Brute's Ring away from the FerrymanKnorr's RealmRauchen
73The City of Circles shall be the center of treacheryMines of KTaloryn
74Safety for the Infant King lies in the Dragon's GateMines of KSebastian
75The Iron Stave will save the Reborn SoulDebaran Pirate ship near GatewyckJuliet's Bag
76The Dragon's Gate will welcome the Tin Soldier homeDebaran Pirate ship near GatewyckJuliet's Bag
77The Ice Child will refuse the Lunatic Knight at the Mountain FortressDebaran Pirate ship near GatewyckJuliet's Bag
78The Brute shall protect their backsDebaran Pirate ship near GatewyckJuliet's Bag

Current Prophecy Count: 78 known

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